Our Certificate
Main Fabric Testing Report -CNTAC(South) Testing Center
Guangzhou Winky Clothing Co., Ltd. is located in Guangzhou,Where has international well known garment markets and manufacturer
that produce and sales to all over the world with delicate designs and different levels of quality. Our main products include Woman dress, Jumpsuits, Tops, Bottoms, Two pieces sets and Plus Size Summer Clothing ect.

Textile testing is vital for Fashion Industry and conducted so that apparel manufactures,fashion wholesalers and clothing retailers can evaluate and ensure the quality of the garments they manufacture and sell is safe to use by consumers and fit for the purpose, conforms to international or regional compliance, retain performance specification, quality standards, meets product liability, environmental and other current legislation, prevent recalls and promote repeat sales.

It is important for the manufacturers to learn and understand about fabric testing methods set by retailers and to stay compliant in regard to quality. If a clothing manufacturer does not know the retailer testing standard requirements that company may run into problems such as receiving a chargeback claim or returned merchandise.

It is important to note that all standards and regulations encapsulated in the Textile Apparel testing have one or both of the following aims: Safety and Quality. While quality is related more to general consumer satisfaction, safety is an important aspect of products not meeting regulations can jeopardize the health of the consumer.

Many internationally recognized standards and practices for testing yarn, fabrics, clothing etc. are applicable for Europe and the United States and broadly denoted by the name of well-recognized institutions which developed them. Some tests are highly specialized in nature, but there is a core series of tests that are applicable depending on the end use of the products. Methodology and equipment may vary among regional labs but basic objectives remain the same.

In the report, you can find detail idea of fabrics testing of the main fabric that winky clothing using. and below are the Testing points for your noted:

1, Color Fastness to Rubbing;
2, Color Fastness to Washing;
3, Seam Slippage;
4, Dimensional Stability to Washing;
5, Pilling Resistance;