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Tourism Development Activities of Guangzhou Winky Clothing Co., Ltd.

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Update time : 2019-01-03 13:56:24
In order to enhance the team awareness of the company's employees, let employees relax and enjoy the beautiful scenery of nature, the company specially organized a "Nankun Mountain two-days tour" activities. The journey not only enriched the staff's spare time, enhanced communication and collaboration between departments, but also made Winky a more harmonious family, which improved the cohesiveness of the company and fully demonstrated the team spirit of the company. Higher enthusiasm is invested in future work.

On September 23rd, 2018, members of Winky Clothing embarked on a luxury bus bound for Huizhou and began a two-days trip to Huizhou. At 8 o'clock in the morning, we set off on time. We talked and laughed on the way. At this time, everyone showed extra ease. From all aspects, we can feel the benefits given by the company and bring us great joy!

In the afternoon, Our colleagues split into two groups and played a team competition game, Guessing the truth, Group sitting on the ground and stand up without hands, One reach to the target place with another one's voice guidance, Pick the small mung beans from one plate to another, team pass the balloons from one side to another side, Knee chairs etc. In the game competition, both players are enthusiastic, for the victory of their team, unite and work together, overcome various difficulties, laugh together, and friendship is sublimated in side by side. winning and losing is no longer important, the joy of the process and the improvement of feelings between us is our greatest achievement.

As night falls, the flaming barbecue grill has been ignited, the smooth chicken wings, the nice taro, the fragrant corn, the sweet leeks, the big eggplant, all come together, wow, it’s really makes our eyes and hads busy, don’t know what to eat first. We ate and drank, and the rounnd and big moon of Mid Autunm day was already hung in the sky. The beautiful scenery and laughter faces made up the most beautiful picture.

Happy times always go very fast, and the next day we left this beautiful mountain and villa. However, the beautiful memories and pleasant mood were brought back, and will last for long time... These two days tourism development Activities is really meaning. It brings us not only physical challenges, but also a spiritual wealth. We are very grateful to have such a profound experience and meaningful experience through this journey. We are also honored that we can be in such a tacit team. We believe that in our big family, no matter what difficulties we will face next, we can hold hands together to overcome, because we firmly believe that: unity is strength. We love Winky, we love this big family!


     2018年9月23日,Winky Clothing的成员们踏上了开往惠州的豪华大巴,开始为期两日的惠州之旅。早上八点准时出发,一路上我们谈笑风生,此时大家都表现格外的轻松,从各方面都能感受到公司给予的这次福利,给大家带来了无比的喜悦!